Updating family about illness

We've seen some potentially huge changes to who receives Personal Independence Payments (PIP) in the last few days. In March 2017 the government changed the rules on PIP and made it harder for people with mental illnesses to get the mobility component of PIP.If you're not sure what PIP is or you're confused about what this new direction from the Government means for you then have a look at our PIP FAQs below. This is because they said that in most cases they would not pay the mobility component of PIP if you found it hard to make journeys because of ‘overwhelming psychological distress’.

If all goes well, she expects to be back on Monday.I am sorry to report that Jane Doe has been hospitalized for observation regarding a recurring health problem.As some of you know, she has been taking medication for an ulcer for the past few months, but the problem persists.People like being the center of attention; they like the constant stream of well-wishes and gifts, concerned calls from old friends and others.Sometimes the hoaxes are committed for the simplest and basest of reasons: money.

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