Updating gnome

You can see my Toolbars in the image below or better yet, just download the Shoegnome Work Environment for ARCHICAD 21 and explore it yourself.Shoegnome Work Environment for ARCHICAD 21 It’s tempting to build a new template the moment a new version of ARCHICAD is available but we need time to digest the changes.Like in ARCHICAD 20, I once again created a Tools dropdown Toolbar.It’s one of the best changes I’ve ever made to my Work Environment. Here’s a video and blog post from last year on how to make your own dropdown Toolbar.Most of those renderings won’t be shared with anyone else and many will be garbage—though plenty will end up on Instagram. During the leap from 18 to 19 I aligned my keyboard shortcuts (KBS) with what GRAPHISOFT gave us and then filled in the holes with customization.

updating gnome-74

I like that this order not only makes using ARCHICAD easier, it also teaches me about the structure of how the program is put together.I’m still a month or two from having my ARCHICAD 21 template ready—vacation and billable projects are going to get in the way.With my ARCHICAD 21 work environment complete, I’ll probably switch over to 21 to finish my current projects.To properly start using a new version of ARCHICAD, we must first set up our Work Environment.Rebuilding a Work Environment is a great way to explore new ARCHICAD features (the Section/Elevation Range toggle button), rediscover old ones (the Selections Palette), break bad habits (too many to list), and of course make the new release of ARCHICAD feel normal enough to use.

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