Updating gps receiver firmware software

Both companies allow you to sync your workouts after the fact to 3rd party platforms like Strava and Training Peaks.

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But again, for 0, it’s by far the best bike computer out there at that price (or anywhere near it). Which is too bad, because I think they were onto something. If I didn’t list something here, then it’s because nobody has shown any interest in whatever model I didn’t list this year.And failing all that, both full posts have nearly 2,500 comments between the two of them. There are some 2,550 comments published to those posts that go into extreme discussions about the most minute of things. Before we dive too deeply, a lot of folks will ask about why I’m excluding other units. The simple answer is that I’m comparing what I think are the two market leader models, and based on your commentary over the last 5 or so months, so do you.Still, there are other units out there, so let me just list them off real quick.This post is all about bike computers, and in particular the most popular two bike computers out there right now: The Garmin Edge 520 and the Wahoo ELEMNT BOLT.It’s a bit of a showdown between the two units where I’m going to dive into all the details that you might want to consider (and then a bunch you probably never considered).

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