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This should be our last bugfix release before 0.99, in which we will enable Audio/Video calls again, as we’ve been working hard on implementing the newest P2P protocol changes. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get a MSN as an organization, but, just like previous years, we will be generously given a slot by the Tcl/Tk community who is acting once again as an umbrella organization.

What this means is that you still have until April 10th to submit an application for GSo C, and to do so, you should go the GSo C webapp and fill an application under the organization “Tcl/Tk Community” and submit your proposal for an a MSN related project.

First, there was this egyptian TV show where the girl actually said that she uses “a MSN” and that it allows her to see if someone deleted her.. It also apparently appeared in a spanish TV show too, and it will also appear in a movie in the near future! I’m just blogging to say that a MSN 0.98 will soon be released..

When we get more details, I’ll be posting up some videos and screenshots! it’s not yet ready, but we’re working on the final little details in order to make it stable! To answer popular demand, I’ve created this blog so we can keep our users more informed on what’s going on…

When we finally got around to doing this new release today, we decided to skip the 0.98.2 version and go directly to 0.98.3 to avoid any confusion, because *maybe* someone downloaded the 0.98.2 source package at some point when it was available, maybe some distributions noticed the tag in SVN and started to ship that version.. For Linux users, autopackage support was dropped as well, since the autopackage project seemed to be dead and most distributions already supply a MSN anyway. Hi everyone, As some of you will notice, the news on the front page of the a MSN website have slightly changed. We’ve also decided to change the old system of posting news on the website, that system was very old and very hard to use, that’s why we weren’t posting a lot of news to it.

So to avoid having two possible versions of a MSN with the same version number, we released 0.98.3! But hopefully, with this new system, everything will change!

We are also proud to announce that the Maemo 5 platform (Nokia’s N900) is now supported. You can now choose to view your favorite website in English, French, Spanish, German or Turkish! If the website is not available in your language, don’t be shy, translate it and contribute back to the project you love!

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The EFF also has a “Coder’s Rights project” that defend developers like us.a MSN 0.98 will feature full bidirectional audio and video conferencing, The feature is working, but we are now working on finalizing the audio/video assistant so you can easily configure which webcam to use, etc… hopefully, we’ll use it instead of just letting it die…We should also probably start updating the main page’s news… Even during holidays when you are all burning on the beach, a MSN developers keep up maintaining your preferred IM software !We will soon release 0.98.2 as it is long overdue now, and we want to let people know why their A/V calls are not available to them anymore.I hope everybody will understand why this is happening and we won’t get flooded by n00b questions everyday… It’s been over a year since the release of 0.97.2, and “good things come to those who wait”: audio conference, video conference, chat while appearing offline, full ink (handwriting) support, MSN games support (only tic-tac-toe for now), a new protocol version, and of course, your favorite bugfixes!

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