Updating netbsd

2018-04-11 Direct Download: MP3 Audio Video This episode was brought to you by Headlines [Other big ZFS improvements you might have missed] 9075 Improve ZFS pool import/load process and corrupted pool recovery 2018-04-04 Direct Download: Video MP3 Audio This episode was brought to you by Headlines [A number of Upstream ZFS features landed in Free BSD this week] 9188 increase size of dbuf cache to reduce indirect block decompression With compressed ARC (6950) we use up to 25% of our CPU to decompress indirect blocks, under a workload of...

2018-03-28 Direct Download: MP3 Audio Video This episode was brought to you by Headlines Preventing Windows 10 and untrusted software from having full access to the internet using Open BSD Whilst setting up one of my development laptops to port some software to Windows I noticed Windows 10 doing crazy things like installing or updating apps...

The others are optional, their relevant features will be enabled if they are found during configuration.

One option is to use the UFRaw package from Darwin ports or Mac ports.

New discussion segment 2015-01-17 We're thinking about adding a new segment to the show where we discuss a topic that the listeners suggest.

It's meant to be informative like a tutorial, but more of a "free discussion" format.

For cinepaint 0.22 there is no Debian package at the moment.

Now, you can download the UFRaw tarball ufraw-0.22gz, extract the files from it and enter the configure: ====================== summary ===================== configure: build GIMP plug-in: yes configure: build Cine Paint plug-in: yes configure: EXIF support using exiv2: yes configure: JPEG support: yes configure: PNG support: yes configure: FITS support: no configure: TIFF support: yes configure: gzip compressed raw support: yes configure: bzip2 compressed raw support: yes configure: Scrolling in preview using Gtk Image View: yes configure: Lens defects correction via lensfun: no : --enable-mime - install mime files, see README for more information --enable-extras - build extra (dcraw, nikon-curve) executables --enable-dst-correction - enable DST correction for file timestamps.

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