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To estimate the number of tiles needed to download a region offline, check out our offline tile count estimator.Please note that this only generates an of the download will vary according to the location being downloaded and the style being used in your application.Please note that our terms of service do not allow you or an end user to redistribute offline maps downloaded from Mapbox servers.The total size of offline resources will vary from region to region depending on: Note that these sizes are rough estimates; they do not account for size savings from automatic resource sharing between multiple regions.The total tile count in an offline region is the sum of the tiles downloaded from each source in your style.For example, if you would like to download a region covering 10 tiles and your style includes one vector tile source and one raster tile source (see sample JSON below), the resulting tile count would be 20.Offline tile count estimator You can create an unlimited number of offline regions.Your Mapbox-powered application will reuse tiles and resources that are required by multiple regions, conserving network traffic and disk space.

Offline maps are useful for apps whose users expect to travel through areas with limited data connectivity or who want to save on cellular roaming charges while traveling abroad.

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Before your application can download maps for use offline, the Mapbox Maps SDKs for i OS and Android need: If the application provides each of the above requirements, the Mapbox Maps SDK for i OS or Android can request all the required resources from Mapbox’s servers and will store them in a database on the device.

Downloaded resources include: The Maps SDKs for i OS and Android also automatically cache tiles and other resources that are requested during normal use of the app.

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