Updating sky hd firmware

i have 8 cameras, and sometimes (one out of maybe 5-6 times) when i launch i VMS-4500 (android), the 1st camera doesnt play automatically (the other 7 are fine).

i have to go into the camera list and add camera 1 again, as it is deselected. (i seem to recall someone mentioning it, but can't remember if it was here or someplace else, nor how long ago it was) So I've got my Hikvision DS 2CD3335-i, and I have installed i VMS-4200 on a server PC.

Hikvision stuff can be lacking in security, so it's best to limit the exposure when possible.

Even though you have a dynamic IP address, it should have worked for now anyways while your IP hasn't changed.

Thanks Michelin Man From Part 5 "but have been unable to successfully configure the cameras to view over a WAN using our external ip address. i VMS-4500 only requires port 8000 to be forwarded.

I'm hoping someone can recommend a system around the 1k mark (including install, or am I dreaming? I'd like at least 2 (up to 4) cameras with quality night vision, enough to see across a standard street plus a little further (I live across from a reserve, so won't be invading neighbors privacy).

Are dome ones better, in the sense of being more vandal proof than the other ones?

I really have no idea what I should be looking for, so will be trusting your recommendations. There is a wiki linked at the top of each page in this thread that has a lot of info.

I ordered a 4 camera (2 indoors, 2 outdoor, all 3 megapixel) plus NVR recording unit last night. A few extras like network cables and a HDD (I will use a spare 2TB) and cosmetic wall plates to hide cable holes adds a few $, 5 to 10%.

Installation is not difficult for a basic DIY'er (who can use a screwdriver, drill) and knows some basic home networking (or good at finding / reading online guides).

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