Updating zune software

DO NOT DISCONNECT YOUR ZUNE WHILE UPDATING THE SOFTWARE Later you will be directed to disconnect it Ok, you have to update the firmware, the process looks like this (some screens may be missing): You will also need to update your Zune software on your Windows or Vista Machine, WHICH IS DIFFERENT THAN THE ZUNE FIRMWARE UPDATE DISCUSSED EARLIER.

This is required so you can use all of the cool features.

For example, some of the phones that are currently on the market include additional storage, a hardware keyboard, or surround sound speakers.

I am using Zune software and I was unable to update it. I have tried to find the solution for it but failed.

Also, the Zune programming tools can be used on all versions of the Zune, but the earlier Zunes pads may not work the same way as the later Zunes, so you may want to test your game on all versions.

We will get back to Point Pong, with additions on how to implement the Zune code in a few postings, so stick with it.

Finally, you learn the basics of interacting with your phone.

In this chapter: Microsoft requires all Windows Phone manufacturers to adhere to certain minimum hardware specifications.

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It works on Windows 7, Vista, and XP, but there is not Mac support.

All submissions should reflect the Notes for Contributors and be addressed to the Executive Editor in an email attachment.

To get the XNA GSE 3.0 CTP it is at this site (click to link): Link to XNA GSE 3.0 CTP[i] Once you have loaded C# Express 2008 and XNA Game Studio Editor, you will need to enable your Zune to function as a device for use with your XNA based game, and at the same add the awesome new features that the latest Zune software offers.

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