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The big, clunky violin shaped bottle that I got for less than a tenner didn't do a lot to convince me otherwise. More than that, I soon discovered that I love Tabu.

Such a warm, rich fragrance, with a cola note for sure, but it doesn't detract from the perfume.

The perfume itself was intimidating and I never dared open that cap, even though I used to love playing with the bottle. Tabu has always stayed in my mind as a relic of the late 70's-early 80's. I never considered trying it though until a reawakened interest in perfume combined with a nostalgia kick prompted me to order a bottle.

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The teacher, the housewife who lived across the street, the face of the President Richard Nixon on the news, the APOLO 11 moon landing. Spicy,warm,ambery,my inexperienced nose feel some orange,maybe is the association with a cozy room in winter with a bowl full of spices and orange peels near the radiator.A great scent for winter or to warm up a cold, rainy day.Maybe my bottle has mellowed but it seems like that Pow! (Talking of bottles, I ended up with two bottles of Tabu, the violin-shaped one and a sort of tall, fan shaped bottle that came with a gift set.In my opinion the modern version is totally unisex.One spray fills up the room, last on the skin even after a shower and on clothes last until laundry day.

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