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The first step in building a Java Stored Procedure for XML Schema validation is to download the components and decide the environment requirements.The components you need are: section to download the latest version of XDK for Java.There are cases, however, when you want to tell PL/SQL to do absolutely nothing, and that is where the NULL statement comes in handy.The NULL statement has the following format:) to indicate that this is a statement and not a NULL value.In the following example, I use a GOTO statement to quickly move to the end of my program if the state of my data indicates that no further processing is required: PROCEDURE process_data (data_in IN orders%ROWTYPE, data_action IN VARCHAR2) IS status INTEGER; BEGIN -- First in series of validations.

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IF data_in.order_date IS NOT NULL THEN status := validate_orderdate (data_in.order_date); IF status !You can implement the XML validation process in either the client-side or the mid-tier applications, but if you want either: Then putting your data validation process inside a trigger or your PL/SQL procedures on the server-side is a good solution.Since there is not a built-in PL/SQL API to do XML Schema validation, we can create one using Java Stored Procedure.For example, when you write an IF statement, you do not have to include an ELSE clause.To produce a report based on a selection, you can code: What should the program be doing if the report selection is not 'DETAIL'?

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