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Revelation was extended beyond Mystery's original Mystery Method (MM) for picking up women to ensure that it was more comprehensive.

The original Mystery Method (MM) included: The M3 structured model, Group theory, Gambits and a Methodology for practicing in field (actually just a few principles).

I was most impressed to see the integration of some aspects of the game that I’ve found important, subtleties that I’ve integrated over the years, but that have been less talked about outside of the older hands of the community who keep more to themselves.

“Any display of good manners or discretion will trigger attraction in women.” I’ve never seen this written before and was impressed.

Comprehensive description of Mystery's pick up artistry, extremely effective with high quality women, very clear description of the social matrix (allowing you to understand clearly social interactions), simple and healthy mindsets to help you act naturally Can be overwhelming for newbies/ beginners and scare them off/ demotivate them, difficult to implement because of sophistication - takes perseverance, high price (), a bit dated now (published 2008), some customer service complaints At 0 this is expensive for an ebook.

It's also a bit dated, having been published in 2008 (6 years ago). If you are ambitious in your aspirations of the quality (beauty) of girls you want in your life, or in building your skillset to work in bars and clubs, this book provides comprehensive advice on how to get there.

Finally - if you are new to dating advice and haven't read any before this isn't for you.

First read the the best beginner's book on the market: Make Women Want You to get your dating skills started.

It has more comprehensive content which includes infield videos with demonstrations.Mehow trained initially with Mystery and later on went into a lot more detail with his system.In the second version of his system, he has again gone into more comprehensive detail, so that it is more practical than former Mystery Method systems (including Revelation and Magic Bullets).It is done very well, and details from concepts taken from elsewhere flow throughout the book seamlessly, interwoven with Mystery’s concepts perfectly.Some of these include: Attainability/ appreciation from Sebastian of The Approach, reactivity, secret society and AMOG concepts from Real Social Dynamics, vibing concepts that surfaced in the community during 2006, ‘entourage’ from AFC Adam (Adam Lyons) and company circa 2007 and many more.

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