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Srike Force Trawler detectives will allege he requested photographs of the child and engaged in an explicit video call with the girl.Darke told Daily Mail Australia he had spoken with the girl's mother in August and September 2016 but vehemently denied ever having any sexual discussions with the girl.'I love children but I don't love them in that sense,' Darke said.Strike Force Trawler is an ongoing investigation by the CEIU into the sexual abuse and exploitation of children facilitated through the internet and related telecommunications devices.Anyone with information about internet predators should call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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'I've done some stupid things and I've said some stupid things.

Those conversations, I did say some stupid things but none of them were real.'Saying something and actually taking it further and acting on it are two different things.'Darke said he had met the mother via Facebook through a woman he had known in Canada. 'I never met the daughter.'He had been suffering serious mental problems at the time of the conversations, having sustained a major head injury.'I don't want to say it's a joke or it's a game but I wasn't saying any of this stuff in a very serious way,' Darke said.'I just hope that I can get across that saying something and actually going ahead and doing something are two different things.' Shortly after Darke's arrest a search warrant was executed at a nearby home unit near, where investigators seized laptops, mobile phones, electronic storage devices and an extendable baton.

According to his Linkedin profile Darke has been racing cars since the age of 16.

In 2001 he had a serious crash in a Hyundai Elantra 'that could have ended his life' and was told by doctors he would never race again.

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