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I speak Russian though, so these are more estimations from my side.

Those who are too lazy to read the compact reviews can skip to my personal 5 Best Dating Apps in Russia at the end of the post.

You're ready to meet the Russian girl of your dreams.

You've been diligently reading Moscownightguide and you can't wait to finally start meeting all these attractive Russian women. Good thing I went through tons of them so you don't have to.

These are our honorable contenders: You will also find a quick summary for each app, telling you all you need to know in a nutshell.

Where possible I commented on the levels of English as well.

I want you to keep reading my site and you'll only do that if you find my advice helpful. I'll be very thankful if you find this article useful and support Moscownightguide via one of the links.

That means that you'll find anyone and anything from the cute and shy student to the gold diggers and pro and semi-pro girls that hang out in the top restaurants and clubs.So this is a pretty good option for meeting Russans even if you cannot coe to Russia.Final verdict: Russian Cupid works especially well for older guys and guys who are more relationship-oriented.With Tinder Plus, you get way more matches and your profile is being shown to more users.Overall, I prefer the detailed filter options that you find in local apps.

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