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This is also confirmed in the book Starting At Zero: His Own Story.

In one of the letters Jimi sent to his father during the army days, he specifically asks for the guitar to be sent to him, noting that it’s still at Betty’s (his girlfriend) house.

The guitar, however, seems to be copper-colored one.

This was the standard finish on this particular model, and we haven’t been able to confirm whether green was even an option at that time.

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Jimi’s guitar featured white finish and a very simple circuitry powering a single pickup placed in the bridge position.[Jimi Hendrix Gear, by Michael Heatley, p.28] The guitar was allegedly originally green, but Hendrix himself painted it several times from red, to purple, and back to green at some point.[Becoming Jimi Hendrix, Steven Rody] However, the earliest photo of him holding the guitar shows young Hendrix wearing a red sport coat and standing by a red car.Towards the mid 1960s he started using Fenders, starting with a 1959 Fender Duo-sonic which he played with Isley Brothers.In the summer of 1966 he bought his first Stratocaster with the help of his girlfriend, and it quickly became his signature guitar.

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