Vw beetle dating uk

By the way, he does not refer to your car as a repair job, but rather as his project.

Shop Rating: Excellent Recommended Report Date: Tom & Cindy G.

Mark is a formally educated mechanic from a highly respected Aviation School..is a VW savant.

He fixed a leaking fuel pump with the expertise of a surgeon.I took the former and got out of there at a verrrrrrry reasonable price, since we were in the process of moving to Cocoa Beach. Obermaier writes: When I decided to invest in one of the coolest, most unique recreational vehicles ever built by VW - the VW Westfalia Vanagon - I realized that the first order of business called for an honest and knowledgeable VW mechanic with a unique set of skills to deal with a full restoration project.When all dust settles, I'll be back for OEM parts thru Mark. Mark Grabowsky is a one of kind professional, single handedly one of the best formally trained mechanic that specializes in VWs.He was referred to me by Tom Neilson, Marks surfing buddy and world known surfboard shaper.When Mark and I discussed the project he openly mentioned the depth and breath of it and as he went along made sure that certain improvements were made as needed to make it more enjoyable.

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