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So, in a head-to-head comparison of the 9 msrp BODYGUARD 38 and a laser-equipped 442, the BODYGUARD works out to be two ounces lighter and cheaper.

The BODYGUARD 380 is about 20 percent lighter than the BODYGUARD 38.

On such a svelte gun, the integrated laser looks a bit like a double-chin on a fashion model.With Smith’s factories running full out, supplies of both guns are finally easing.You can now head down to your local gun dealer confident that you can get a BODYGUARD faster than a freshly-minted Republican presidential candidate. First Impressions The .38 revolver fit is top notch, as you’d expect from a Smith & Wesson wheelgun. Aesthetically, the Bodyguard .38 looks like a plastic water pistol from 1958.Quiche is one of my favorite brunch foods, even if it isn't low calorie the way I make it.But it's a great way to use up chopped leftover meat and veggies or those eggs that are nearing the "best by" date. The top is a wonderful little crunch and the bottom is softer but still holds together.

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