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even secondhand guys touch pee Mic positions for everything is good except for the neck alone is too cheap without her boyfriend ...The split allows its "boxy" sound between Jimmy Page and Brian May.etc) This is good quality Alder unlike following (China, Indonesia) which are basswood or aghatis. Extreme of course but also zztop, Led Zep, Queen and Van Halen fingers in the nose!I know the guitars my age and tell you that once set it is a weapon of war! I intend to give him a real set of microphones (SH1 neck and BL 500L), install a real floyd, lock in "dive only" and put a D-tuna. I liked his face with the head towards the stratum. The tremolo works great and also gives a great sound to some songs where its called for. You can get that sound of Nuno or switch it up to something more classic.I would recommend getting a hard shell case though. I love the natural look, which doesnt work on all guitars.The chrome accents on the Tremolo and string locks are very sharp.

The game feel is halfway between a Charvel and a telecaster that sound like an old Les Paul ... SOUNDS It was an old dream and as N4 cost an arm ...

The neck is very pleasant, ideal for solo trash extension.

(For me the main intrt this guitar before modification).

Only the bridge is splitable, possibility therefore have "bridge" single and / or the coupling (single) with the neck. OVERALL OPINION I tried this model 90's at a friend there for a long time and it is as good as I remembered.

I also had in-store Made In China versions that were less well (Wood fesait wrong ...

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