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Because of the higher specific gravity of tin dioxide, about 80% of mined tin is from secondary deposits found downstream from the primary lodes.Tin is often recovered from granules washed downstream in the past and deposited in valleys or the sea.

Most of the world's tin is produced from placer deposits, which can contain as little as 0.015% tin.Other forms of tin ores are less abundant sulfides such as stannite that require a more involved smelting process.Cassiterite often accumulates in alluvial channels as placer deposits because it is harder, heavier, and more chemically resistant than the accompanying granite.Commercial grades of tin (99.8%) resist transformation because of the inhibiting effect of the small amounts of bismuth, antimony, lead, and silver present as impurities.Alloying elements such as copper, antimony, bismuth, cadmium, and silver increase its hardness.

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