Whmcs due date not updating

In practical terms invoices always reflect the current values stored in your system and this is not correct because when a client or an administrator updates informations on WHMCS, the change affects all existing invoices.

Billing regulations don't allow you to change the data of an existing invoice. Similarly WHMCS allows administrators to change the currency of clients and when this happens the currency of all existing invoices changes accordingly.

This is not correct and considered a tax crime (tax evasion) in several countries where you're never allowed to receive a payment without applying taxes.

WHMCS applies taxes only later when your client is actually using his credit and this also leads to another very tricky situation.

In fact when the client pays the invoice, WHMCS wrongly applies him a tax rate of 22%.

As if it wasn't enough, let's say that your client does not use this credit for 2 years. He received no invoice at that time but now your are invoicing him for a payment made 2 years ago.

whmcs due date not updating-52

In fact it may may happen a when a new client registers to your WHMCS.In EU the sequential numbering of invoices must run parallel to invoice date meanwhile in US this is not relevant.Take a look at the example below to understand the concept better.We will be releasing the new app with the updated code shortly.With this thoughtful module longer payment cycles become more attractive for your clients because it adds automatically a defined period to the products next due date.

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