Who is brian haner dating

My life was in turmoil but I was trying hard to keep it together.As we got off the hay ride at a friends home I brushed the hay off of my pants the ring went flying. Shiny and beautiful with a few little places where you could see the stress.God bless you James Avery and may you rest peacefully in the heavens above.My first knowledge of James Avery was back in the 1950’s as I had the honor of wearing a James Avery tribal silver bracelet at Waldemar.Thank you for letting us express ourselves through charms and fine jewelry. To this day I carry that craftsmanship everywhere I go.

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I am in tenth grade at O'Connor high school and many of my peers own James Avery products! Upon my fathers untimely passing in a airplane accident in 2000, James designed a wonderful piece of jewelry specifically honoring my father.We found it again and After that I lost it at least 3 times. The last time it disappeared I wore it to work, came home and did the chores, feeding chickens, dogs, etc. I was devastated because I did not have a clue where I could have lost it.In my own flower bed, In a friends flowerbed and in a friends car. I went about my life, looking everywhere I could think of but no results.I know that she was looking out for me, and that she and the Lord were keeping me together.I wear something from James Avery every single day of my life.

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