Who is david warner dating

Their head, Andrew Jones said, “This has been an unfortunate episode.

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Brett Geeves, the former Australia fast bowler, was at the receiving end of Warner’s tirade on Twitter in 2011.

Here is what he expressed in a series of tweets, “@brettygeevs don’t know what kids would b following u but remember what u said to hughy that’s right, lucky u were not playing, c..k.”In 2013, when Robert Craddock wrote a comment piece about the Indian Premier League (IPL) and its negative side, Warner’s photo appeared near it.

That irked Warner to the extent that he sent Craddock a few abusive and ill-tempered tweets. Warner defended himself by saying that he was not happy with the fact that his picture had appeared there, “I was trying to defend myself because anyone who looks at the photograph can automatically assume that I’m related to what happened over there.

He was then sent to play for Australia A in Africa to work on his batting and then returned into the side.

When Warner was sent to Africa following the Root episode, he was involved in another controversy of sorts.

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