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"I asked you to come with me because you're brave like my brother and sometimes you actually make me feel safe..I wanted you here because you're alone. I could have told her I loved her, but I didn't...because I was afraid.Probably for the first time in your life, and because you're stronger than you think you are, which gives me hope that maybe I can be too. That's what's stupid, not coming out here, not facing my shit, and it makes me sick that you guys aren't even trying because you're strong and you're smart and you're both really good people, and if you don't wake-- up...It is revealed that Owen knew that she didn't know that Morgan had held him prisoner. He vows that he has done his part and that the world will take his role after his death.Denise asks to see the wound, to which he shows her, revealing that it has now become severely infected. She insists that he can change from his current self.Tara tells her that being afraid is a fear you have to overcome to survive. Denise is later seen witnessing Jessie put down a zombified Betsy and listens to her speech about the new world.After some more careful reading through her books, Denise manages to find a way to stabilize Scott's infection.She formed a romantic relationship with fellow survivor Tara Chambler.Denise attended medical school with aspirations to become a surgeon, however because her high levels of anxiety prevented her from handling such a profession, she eventually changed her focus of study to psychiatry. She also had a twin brother named Dennis, who was six minutes older than her.

She is a resident of the Alexandria Safe-Zone and took over as the town's doctor after Pete Anderson's execution.Owen silently watches as Denise reaches into her bag to retrieve an IV.Later during the day, Denise is hard at work to treat Owen's wound when Carol runs in, knife in hand, and demands that she get away from him.Denise gets angry at Owen, tearing up, and tells him that the things he has done, such as killing people, are unjustifiable.He replies that he had freed the people he has murdered.

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