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Agent Dana Shutt: When we received the results from the lab … Agent Dana Shutt: When I received the call of her death, I was shocked. he had me by the throat and he had his finger in a certain way. This was the breaking point for Seanice Etienne, She went to the police, revealing the horrific and crucial details that her boyfriend, Roosevelt Gipson, had shared about the woman he had killed.

I found myself sitting in my car with him, with his hand around my throat, him slamming my head against the side of -- of my car on the inside … He said, "I could just move that finger in a certain way and you'd be dead in 30 seconds."Investigators got a break when Seanice Etienne reported to police that her boyfriend, Roosevelt Gipson, a former Marine, had admitted to her that he had strangled a woman and dumped her body in a lake.

NCIS deployed some unique technology to try and trap their killer. He was giving every indicator that he had somethin' to hide. Robert Mc Daniel: The counselor at the youth center … Seanice Etienne: He surprised me with a teddy bear and – and -- some gifts for Valentine's Day, and I thought that was really sweet Her new sweetheart was Roosevelt Gipson, who had left the Marine Corps so could return to the Baton Rouge area to be near his family.

searching his house for any communications between him and Meghan, any clothing that could have been worn by him during the murder. …We had agents there taking video and audio of the candlelight vigil in hopes that we would find someone who might be suspicious. Even today, it's painful for her to revisit that moment in time. I can't even tell you the last time I've ever said his name. Seanice Etienne's story begins when she was in her early 20s and a college student out on a terrific first date with a handsome former Marine.

It's somethin' that you just don't ever forget when you walk in there. But soon, she became convinced Gipson was telling the gruesome truth.

Chris Shortt [fights back tears]: Mc Daniel was devastated. …It was a very bloody and a very -- horrendous scene. …And I mean, I didn't know whether to believe him at first because--why would someone who you don't know very well open up and confess something like that?

Agent Dana Shutt: Lieutenant JG Hicke needed to be questioned regarding Meghan's murder. Lieutenant JG Hicke had not been arrested for any charges related to the sexual assault -- allegations. the storm door handle and send to a lab for biogeographical ancestry analysis. Robert Mc Daniel: There was a lab in Florida that … Agent Dana Shutt: We had not done this type of analysis before. It completely changed the course of the investigation. Bill Martin | Retired NCIS Special Agent: I spoke to Meghan's father … You know, no one's proud of everything that they've ever done … So you know, don't beat yourself up." And he says, "No, you don't understand.

a probable cause hearing within the military justice system. While NCIS combed through the vigil and grave marker videos for leads, NCIS forensic techs came up with another idea. Robert Mc Daniel: There was a blood sample from an … Agent Dana Shutt: It was suggested by our Office of Forensic Support that we take a swab from … …And it was at that point that Special Agent Bill Martin came into the investigation. Agent Bill Martin: He said he would rather go down to the police station. Seanice Etienne: He said, "I'm not proud of everything that I did while I was in the Corps." And I said, "Well, I understand that.

Robert Hicke was a Naval Hospital Corpsman with a wife and four daughters of his own. Agent Dana Shutt: Our technical services division had built a granite grave marker to be dedicated with the planting of a tree in Portsmouth. Agent Bill Martin: There weren't too many rocks that we didn't turn over in this case. There, he found work as a maintenance man at a riverboat. He would have stood to lose his job-- his security, his retirement, and he would've gone to jail. told her I loved her and she said – "I love you, too. 'Cause I told him, "Absolutely not." You know, there was no way I was gonna do it. The jury convicted Gipson -- not of murder, but of manslaughter. Jeff Winn: So I don't know how the jury came to the decision that they came to. Gipson was sentenced to 11 years, but was released after only five and is now a free man. If Lieutenant JG [Junior Grade] Hicke had been found guilty … Angie Shortt: I dropped her off at school that morning … Jeff Winn | Former Lt., New Orleans Police Department: And at that point, we cut the conversation off. NCIS agents in Virginia go high-tech to solve the murder of a young ballerina – and the agent who inspired CBS' "NCIS: New Orleans" shares his real-life cross-country search for the killer in a San Diego cold case have worked on some of the agency's most significant investigations. They reveal, step-by-step, how they track killers, crack fraud cases, and how they hunt terrorists using street smarts and technology. When a young ballet dancer was found raped and stabbed to death inside her Portsmouth, Va., home, everyone assumed she had been killed by her stepfather's close friend.

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