Who is linda chung dating

When Linda trips over, Joey holds on to her, making her fall in love. If I don't have the feelings, I won't give people chances! the guy that had a crush on her was my friend's brother =\.went to the same school before at templeton secondary in vancouver. This series looks like the funny and dumb type lol. Linda does seem like the shy type, but if she wants last in the entertainment biz, she would need to open up.In reality, Linda says she has never officially dated someone and will not give chances to males easily. When talking about dating, she said that she has not officially dated someone before, Linda said, “I have not officially dated someone before! We started out as friends but we never developed our relationship because I came to Hong Kong. however, i thought they did date but whatever ahah. I've never dated anyone before because I've never found the right guy!! It'll be a challange, but i'm sure he's out there!!! I think Linda does not want to start a relationship because she is focusing on her career. The HK press aren't always going to be nice to her.They are part of a wider social group that occasionally meet up for an evening out.There is no more to the story than that.'Late last month, the pair were spotting enjoying a cosy dinner date in West Hollywood, California.The two pulled up to trendy Craig's eatery in the Welsh singer's white Rolls Royce for an evening dinner together.

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Compare to some other people who have buckets worth of negative news.. I thought that was kinda mean how she wouldn't give chances easily.. looks like tvb is still gonna promote joey leung after all... i can't believe that linda chung had never dated before, she looks pretty and there must be lots of males trying to date her, this is going be the first series with joey yeung im going to watch because never saw him in a series before lmao i feel linda's pain..are hard to find, and i know im not the only one bwahahhahha.

We are still friends now, I still have contact with him. Hard to imagine Linda never officially dated before!! But I think she probably did date before, and of course had crushes, but they weren't ever official. She's really got a lot to learn, now that she's into showbiz.

TVB will give her a lot of opportunities, so she better take good use of it, now she's rising to fame.

Hong Kong-based actress Linda Chung, 31, is getting married on February 27 in Vancouver to her beau, who’s not in the entertainment industry.

Actresses Leanne Li, Grace Wong and Eliza Sam reportedly flew to the Canadian city today to prepare for their role as Linda’s bridesmaids.

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