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The song had been a minor hit for Kenny Rogers years earlier, but the song belongs to Supernaw.

In years since his stardom Doug has slipped into a real life Crazy Heart story…

Faith’s career equaled Mc Graw’s at the time and stands as one of the greatest songs of the ’90s.

Texas country music sensation Clay Walker has been a star in country music since his 1993 debut album came out.

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He was on the (at the time) independent BNA Records label. The song was about a divorced family as told by a young boy.

The song tells the story of a young couple in love.

The father of the girl in the song is a little angry with the boy because he’s a little rough around the edges.

With Father’s Day coming next weekend you’ll be sure to hear this song on the radio.

Sammy Kershaw debuted in 1991 with his debut hit single was catchy and fun to sing along to and fans ate it up.

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