Who travis stork dating

Season 10, Episode 135April 27, 2018A man trip to a strip club leaves him without a tooth; he sues the dancer for a millions.

Also: whether the First Amendment applies to flipping off a cop; a celebrity mom whose famous hubby "nursed" to relieve her painful mastitis; and a woman who had "vegan" tattooed on her forehead.

Season 10, Episode 130April 20, 2018Spending 100K to look like Kim K; human Ken and Barbie dolls; surgery to become a genderless alien; a woman who wants the world's biggest butt; a woman who wants the world's smallest waist; when the desire for plastic surgery becomes an addiction; and going under the knife to look like Madonna.

Season 10, Episode 129April 18, 2018Whether certain acne meds lead to murder; a woman who lost her belly on Dr. "; Parenting 911 emergencies; a woman who got a double mastectomy to save her life; and four-legged hospital workers who bring smiles to patients.

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Season 10, Episode 139May 3, 2018The safety of natural medicine; the secret to a successful relationship detox; a new lunchtime procedure to reduce a double chin; how to burn fat in just eight minutes a day; and new smartphone technology that helps people with Alzheimer's.Jenna, a 23-year-old account executive from Detroit, MI -- who was living in California prior to her appearance on the show -- talked to Reality TV World in an exclusive interview on Thursday following her Survivor: Ghost Island elimination.While opening up about her experience on the show and time spent with Sebastian, a 22-year-old fishing guide from Melbourne, FL, Jenna disclosed the couple are officially together and still going strong to this day.Season 10, Episode 147May 15, 2018Elderly homes, pole dancing and silent disco; an MRI that burned a hole in a patient; a Stage 4 cancer survivor opens up about one of the hardest decisions both her and her husband have ever had to make; celebrity esthetician Shani Darden shares her biggest skin secrets; an update on Chrissy, who at one point weighed over 500 pounds; and financial expert Chris Hogan shares tips on managing medical debt.Season 10, Episode 146May 14, 2018The story of a woman wrongfully convicted of killing her baby who spent 20 years behind bars.

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