Women with kids dating

There are tons of people who won't date a man or woman who has children....don't want to get mixed up in all the drama and everything else that goes along with it. I've seen the different men my Mom had in her life. It would probably depend on what stage someone is in their life. What if you see that she lets the kid act like a monster.But on the flip side, there are tons who don't think nothing of it. A man with a kid around is the last thing I need so it's not wrong nor does it make you a bad person to not want that either from a woman. If you're 22 and just looking to have a good time, then I'd probably hang out with a single Mom. If you try to say anything you're probably gonna end up in the doghouse.get to know the woman, find out about her past relationships, does she seem to go thru alot of boyfriends?event that doesnt always mean she is a user, could also mean the guys she dated was losers, again, it works both ways.dont exclude the kids all the time, yes, dating is for you and her to get to know each other, but to the kids, they dont want to feel left out either, maybe their daddy hurt them to, and maybe they need to see that not all daddys are peieces of crap.go as a "family" to a ball game, roller skating, something fun and nuetral.

And yes, you're always last on the list of priorities. How do i also tell if i won't be made to pay for the mistake of the previous man/men in her life.There are plenty of single men and women who either don't have children or who have grown children. How do i also tell if i won't be made to pay for the mistake of the previous man/men in her life.Every man fears the day when the faithful and often said "you aint my daddy" is shot at him. Women kindly give me the key:...................you're "dating," you should make it clear that you're dating the woman- not her kids.wait till your serious about the relationship before you do one on one time with the kids beyond shooting hoops or somehting in backyard while mom makes supper.dont push, dont hover, just be relaxed and let your heart do the talking, kids are not easily fooled, they can see things mom cant.

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