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But my favorite bug is giving an icon a long-press to move or delete it, the hitting the home button to return to normal and seeing that icon keep wigglin' like the crowd at Shakira concert.

The upshot is you definitely don't want to install this beta on your primary device.

Swipe left to right and you're dropped in the widget screen, hands-down my favorite thing about i OS 10.

To my mind, widgets are the best thing about Android.

It overhauls Messages, introduces a lockscreen that is more than a security checkpoint, and makes notifications and widgets something you'll actually use.

i Cloud Drive is now a file-syncing system worth the buck a month you'll pay for extra storage.It feels like a single organism, shifting and changing to meet your needs. You don't have time to read a detailed list of weird problems, so I'll stick to the biggies. Things improved with the recent second beta, but not much.When a notification pops up, the only way to dismiss it is to turn the phone three times, dance a jig, and pray to the many-faced god that one last upward swipe will do the trick.Only then will you appreciate how you take everything about your phone for granted.This sums up my first day with the beta of i OS 10, which arrives this fall on hundreds of millions of i Phones and i Pads.

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