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After two chapters, one on the loneliness of our long-distance love affair with God and the other on the spiritual benefits of solitude, Horan moves on to the art of enriching our relationship with God through contemplation.

Next is a look at the Bible as a series of love letters from God.

Horan is a Franciscan friar who serves on the board of directors of the International Thomas Merton Society and has published dozens of articles.

Horan has created a "Dating God" blog, and he speaks to young adult audiences throughout the United States.

Francis of Assisi and Clare whose spiritual paths consisted in loving God.

The author is convinced that the heart of gospel life is relationship.

Dates are specific times reserved solely for experiencing the presence of another, to learn about him or her and to build a history of shared experiences.

In our modern prisons and schools, too, the final response to bad behavior often entails forced solitude and ostracism, in the form of solitary confinement or a trip to the principal’s office.

In this accessible paperback, he challenges readers to ponder their relationship with God as being like dating.

Horan takes his cue for pursuing this form of devotion from St.

It may not be surprising, then, that I had mixed feelings about the idea of spending 10 days in solitude secluded from the modern world in a hermitage. Both of those words are open to misinterpretation, so let me clarify.

I am a Franciscan friar, a member of the religious order of men founded by St. As such I live following the , which outlines a way of life modeled after the Gospel.

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