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The council is made up of nine members, one of them is the Mayor of the town. The remains found indicate these peoples as ancestors to the village, yet without excluding the possibility of other peoples, this village is rich in ruins and remains which in future may shed new light on its ancestors. The Village of Zurrieq claims for a large area of the South Eastern part of the Island of Malta, in which village we find a wide collection going back to the Bronze and Punic times, through the Roman, Knights and British eras.

Żurrieq is part of the Fifth political District and votes for the local council every three years. These indicate the various settlements of peoples that inhabited the village area, from the Phoenicians to the Carathaginians, Greeks to the Romans.

Note: Many of our articles have direct quotes from sources you can cite, within the Wikipedia article! During the Great Siege, Marsaxlokk harbor was also used as an anchorage by the Turkish fleet.

It was in the "bay of the sirocco" (Xlokk) that the first Phoenicians landed and set up trading posts on Malta, during the ninth century BC.

The number of working fishermen has decreased, in part because people from other localities have moved to the village.

Most of Malta's fish supplies are caught by fishermen coming from this port.

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