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Gal Dove is a retired English crook living a life of modest luxury in Spain.

The film received a lot of buzz on the indie circuit, but is perhaps best known to mainstream audiences as the film released in 2000 with a nightmarish, anthropomorphic bunny.

The cheering soared, punctuated with whistles and catcalls, most of them in Spanish. Making its way into the ring now was a donkey, being led by another fat Mexican.

Astride the donkey's back sat a completely naked young girl, her tits well-developed for her age, her shiny black hair trailing all the way to her ass.

The young girl slid under the dog, wiggling her ass in the dirt as she began to sniff the dog's prick.

Connie watched in speechless shock, her head buzzing. She chewed her lips as she watched, aghast, as the young girl began to lick the hound's rampant prick. He put his snout in the air and howled as the girl swallowed his dogcock to the sheath and began to munch on it.

She turned away from them, searching the crowd for Billy, desperate to grab him and drag him out of here with her. Connie scanned the crowd frantically, the haze of cigar smoke stinging her eyes and making her cough. She spotted him at last, his blond head shining among all the dark heads. Matt turned her back toward the clearing at the center of the tent.

He was standing right at the front, at the edge of the circle formed by the crowd. A fat Mexican, smoking a cigar, his shirt open and his belly bulging out, led a huge mongrel stud into the ring.

She realized she was the only woman in here and all eyes were on her. Bitter, jealous, and violent, Don barges into Gal's home with an offer that he can't refuse: return to London to participate in a dangerous heist. One day, a ghost from Gal's past arrives: Don Logan, an old soldier of the underworld.The sizzling dog prick, with its arrow-shaped head, squirmed and wiggled as the girl wiped some of her cunt juice on the dog's wet snout.The dog struggled so hard to break loose that two men had to restrain it.

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